Scoop 6 Guide

How to bet on the Scoop 6

Scoop6 is the most publicised and popular of all the tote bets as it offers a massive reward for a minimal stake.   The basic idea is that you have to pick a winner in 6 races which are run every Saturday and televised on Channel 4, these 6 races make up the Scoop 6 or Scoop Six.

A minimum of £2 will give you a combination of 6 horses in 6 races, simply select the horses and then watch how they get of throughout the day.

Bet365, for example, offer FREE BETS of £200 if you open an account with them.   Open an account, make a deposit of £10 or more and you will be entitled to a 100% bonus on your deposit up to a maximum of £200.


If the scoop 6 fails to be won on any given Saturday the money gets rolled over to the following week.   This can lead to some massive payouts!!

  • Records were made in March 2009 when 14 tickets picked up £3,184,370, this was due to the Scoop 6 Bonus Fund rolling over since August 2008.   The win fund was won by 17 tickets on the 7th March, which gave the winners an chance to win this record-breaking amount.
  • Agnes Haddock, who was a cleaning lady,  won £688,620 on the win and bonus funds in the summer of 2007 for just a £2 stake, and has gone on to set up her own scoop 6 syndicate called ‘Aggie’s Nags’.   Since records began Agnes is the biggest ever winner of the win and bonus funds for just a £2 stake.

Selecting the Horses

Review the selected scoop6 race meetings, select your 6 horses that you wish to make up your scoop6 bet, open an account with any of the recommended bookmakers and place you bets.

Non Runners

If a horse in your selection becomes a non runner then it will be replaced with the starting priced favourite for that particular race.   If there are joint favourites your selection will be joint favourite with the lowest race card number.   If this favourite is withdrawn the horse with the next shortest price will be your selection for the race!